Friday, January 10, 2014

Reading Room COSMO CORRIGAN "Martians, Mercurians and Money!"

Yeah, I know the logo says "Cosmic", not "Cosmo"...
...but he's called "Cosmo" in the story itself, as well as the next (and final) tale, so I conder the logo to be a typo!
Now, back to Pluto, the world that makes the Polar Vortex look like a balmy summer day!
Be here tomorrow for Cosmo's frigid final adventure!
Illustrated by George Tuska (who would handle the Buck Rogers newspaper strip in the 1950s, as well as become Iron Man's illustrator when he received his own book in the 1960s) the scripter for this tale from Fiction House's Planet Comics #10 (1941) is, regrettably, unknown.
("Ray Alexander" was a Fiction House pseudonom.)

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