Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reading Room BLACK BUCCANEER "The Story Begins..."

In the Golden Age of Comics, pirates with their own strips were a fairly common sight...
...though few were the lead tale in the books they appeared in!
Appearing in every issue of the short-lived Blazing Comics, the Black Buccaneer was typical of the "heroic pirate" strips that most companies gave a test run.
Apparently, unlike mad scientists (who headlined a number of strips), publishers felt pirates who were actually villains wouldn't sell.
So they created pirates who were undercover agents for their governments, or framed for crimes they didn't do, or just misunderstood.
The writer for this intro tale from the first issue of the anthology title Blazing Comics from short-lived publisher Rural Home is unknown.
And, though it's not definitive, the general consusus is that Gil Kane and/or Leonard Starr illustrated it.
Be here tomorrow when we'll have some more pirate-themed stuff during our celebration of the new pirate/adventure series Black Sails!

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