Friday, December 6, 2013

Reading Room: SNOW QUEEN "Lapp Woman and the Finn Woman"

Kay, an innocent little boy, was affected by tiny shards of an evil mirror accidentally imbedded in his skin.
Now cruel and mean, the lad tormened his playmates, including his best friend Gerda, who, though confused by his actions, still loved Kay.
While involved in a snowball fight, Kay was swept away by the immortal Snow Queen, who took him to her ice palace.
Gerda, worried and despondent, decided to go in search of Kay, and, after various perils, nears her destination...
Tomorrow, the Conclusion:
Written by Gaylord Du Bois and illustrated by Lea Bing, this never-reprinted tale from Dell's Fairy Tale Parade #9 (1943) is the only comic book adaptation of the Hand Christian Andersen fairy tale that serves as the (very loose) basis of the current Disney movie Frozen!

In December 2011, following the success of Tangled, Disney announced a revival of the project with both a new title, Frozen, and new creative team.
The film would be computer-animated in stereoscopic 3D, with Chris Buck (Tarzan) directing and John Lasseter (Toy Story and Monsters, Inc film) producing.
The main problem confronting the creatives was the character of the Snow Queen, which in the earlier version of the film, was an out-and-out villain.
The team decided to reconceive the film's protagonist, Anna (based on Gerda), as the younger sibling of the now-misunderstood Elsa (based on the Snow Queen), effectively establishing a family dynamic.
The results can currently be seen on movie screens all over the planet...

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