Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reading Room: RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER "Rudolph's Swelled Head" Part 3

Before we recap, here's a kool game (that actually presages several events to come...)
As preparations for Christmas proceed, two children, Jack and Judy, make their way to Santa's Workshop.
But their innocent visit has unintended consequences:
Rudolph develops an inflated ego as a result of the kids' mention of his world-wide fame.
Proclaiming he's "too important" to do mundane things like chores, Rudolph alienates everyone around him with an arrogant, self-important attitude.
Santa grounds Rudolph from his usual Christmas Eve run, and the petulant reindeer responds by running away from home, barely escaping from both a wolf and bear.
When Rudolph hears what he thinks is a lion's roar, the young reindeer believes he's doomed...
On that philosophical note, we'll take our leave.
To be continued...
Written by Sy Reit and illustrated by Rube Grossman, this 1950 annual was the first of a series that ran until 1963.
The concept was revived in the tabloid-sized "Treasury" (10" x 14") format in 1972 and was published annually (except in '75 and '77) until 1978.
(Both DC and Marvel experimented in the 1970s with the over-sized format.
They were much bigger than normal comics with cardstock covers, though the interior pages were printed on the usual comic book paper stock.)
The series was a more-or-less sequel to the original story (which we presented HERE.) and song.
(The animated TV special that tells a totally-different version of the tale didn't appear until 1964.)
One thing you'll note is the unique idea of including activity pages as part of the story, giving us perfect chapter enders and openers in our serial presentation format.

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