Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Reading Room TREASURE CHEST "Father Kiernan Tells About Christmas Customs in Other Lands"

Here's a rarely-seen Christmas piece...
...from the little-known and never-reprinted comic series Treasure Chest, only available by subscription in Catholic schools.
The Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact was a comic published bi-weekly during the school year (September thru June) and distributed to Catholic churches and schools from 1946 to 1966, featuring wholesome stories about historical, scientific, and sports subjects, adaptations of famous fictional works, and a number of original series.
Many well-known Golden and Silver Age creators contributed work to the title including Joe Sinnott, Reed Crandall, Jim Mooney, Graham Ingels, Bernard Bailey, Bob Powell, Fran Matera, and Frank Borth.
It became a year-round bi-weekly from 1966 to 1968, then reverting to school-year only until it's cancellation in 1972.
This particular story, written by George S Foley and illustrated by an unknown artist appeared in Vol 2 #9 (Dec. 24, 1946).

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