Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reading Room: JOHN F KENNEDY "From Triumph to Tragedy"

Cover for the comic we've been re-presenting this week
...his term in the Highest Office in the Land had been tumultuous, including a barely-avoided nuclear conflict.
But the worst was yet to come...
by Jack (King) Kirby
This 1964 one-shot from Dell Comics appeared on newsstands about six months after Kennedy's death and was one of the first comics to go thru multiple printings!
Written by Paul S Newman (no, not the actor), penciled by John Tartaglione (with assists by Joe Sinnott) and inked by Dick Giordano & Frank McLaughlin.

And now a word from our sponsor (us)...
...kool kollectibles with the cover art from this HTF comic book featuring Kennedy's most famous quote; "Ask not what your country can do for you..." (You know the rest.) for this week ONLY!

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