Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 50th, dear Doctor...

Sitting in front of the telly..
...waiting for the simulcast of the 50th Anniversary show.
Saw An Adventure in Space and Time last night.
Thought it was great.
Hopefully it'll inspire Whovians who think the show began with Christopher Eccleston (or Tennant, or Smith) to check out the earlier adventures...
Note: my favorite Doctor is Jon Pertwee, and, despite not being "canon", my first was Peter Cushing.)

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  1. I rather enjoyed it. I must say that when they pack in several Doctors the story sometimes gets replaced by dedication to the the lore. And despite a rather don't-quite-get-it ending, I loved the story. John Hurt as the "War Doctor" was utterly fantastic, his acting elevated the whole shebang and his gravity contrasted with the other two was telling as to where he sits in the pantheon of acting. Outstanding stuff!

    Rip Off


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