Saturday, October 12, 2013

Reading Room: THIS IS SUSPENSE "Choice!"

Occasionally you come across something that makes you scratch your head and go "wha?"...
This odd little piece by Dick Giordano was the opener for Charlton's This is Suspense #23 (1955)...which was actually the first issue using that name, which Charlton had bought from Fawcett under the name Strange Suspense Stories.
With the Comics Code about to take effect, Charlton apparently decided to make their carryover from the "bad old days" as inoffensive as possible by changing the title.
Oddly, enough, the contents of this issue included one of the naughtiest of pre-code stories...Wally Wood's "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" which we'll present next week!
BTW, to see how the Code mutilated a story in the very next issue of This is Suspense, check out the original HERE and the TiS version HERE!

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