Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reading Room: SUPERSNIPE "Halloween" Conclusion

...Koppy (SuperSnipe) McFad (wearing his original costume), celebrates Halloween by trick-or-treating with his friends Herlock Domes and Roxy, and ends up at the Van Welty mansion where the trio inadvertently helps an assassination attempt on the mansion's rich owner.
When news reports about the police suspecting the costumed kids reach Koppy and Herlock, they investigate in an attempt to clear themselves, discovering the "policeman" who tricked them was a fraud in a rented costume!
After the costume store owner gives them the name of the man who rented the police uniform, the now-plainclothes heroes go in search of the criminal...
Usually, SuperSnipe triumphs despite his rather "Inspector Clouseau"-type antics, but this time he not only figures out the clues (with a couple of handy coincidences), but deliberately puts himself in danger to keep the criminals in the store until the police arrive!
He may not have super powers, but SuperSnipe proves himself to be a real hero...
Story and art for this tale from SuperSnipe Comics V2N12 (1945) by George Marcoux, who did all the "SuperSnipe Universe" strips himself!

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