Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reading Room: SPACE ADVENTURES "Tale About Time: There Shall Be an Ending!"

Art by Pat Boyette (left) and Jim Aparo (right)
...reporter Paul Mann is plucked from 1967 by the Esroms, peaceful humans from the year 4000 AD who travel in time machine/spacecraft that are mistaken for "flying saucers".
Mann and the Esroms pursue the Honjnosians (evil humans from 4000 AD) to the time before the Big Bang when Paul falls out of the ship into the ether of the pre-universe...
You'll note the use of the "breaking the fouth wall" storytelling technique with Mann addressing the reader in several panels, (with one panel of other characters thinking Paul's a bit looney).
Denny O'Neil using his "Sergius O'Shaughnessy" pseudonom scripted this conclusion to the book-length tale from Space Adventures #2 (1968).
The art is by the highly-underrated Pat Boyette with what looks like minor redrawing by Jim Aparo in several panels featuring Paul Mann to maintain visual continuity.
Sadly, there were no further adventures of Paul Mann and the men from 4000 AD...

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