Saturday, September 21, 2013

Reading Room: CLASSIC COMICS "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" Part 1

With a new TV series set in the infamous locale...
..., let's look at one of the most famous ghost tales of all, as told in Classic Comics, the predecessor to Classics Illustrated, in a story adapted by Dan Levin and illustrated by Rolland H Livingstone.
What does Brom have in mind for Ichabod?
Be here tomorrow for the answer!


  1. That's illustrated by the great Norman Nodel, not R. Livingstone.

    1. Interesting.
      The Grand Comics Database lists Livingstone as the illustrator for both tales, along with Uncle Tom's Cabin and Les Miserables.
      Any way to confirm it's Nodel, not Livingstone?


Thanx for posting!

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