Monday, August 12, 2013

Reading Room: STRANGE WORLDS "Ransom--One Million Decimars!"

Spaceships, ray guns, beautiful barely-clad women, and...secret agents???
It's an atypical (but kool) example of 1950s pulp/comic book sci-fi!
(Plus, it's illustrated by a guy who ended up doing official portraits of several Presidents of the USA!)
The writer of this tale from Avon Comics' Strange Worlds #9 (1952) is unknown, but the illustrator is Everett Raymond Kinstler who went from comics and pulps to fine art, specializing in portraits of the rich and famous.
In fact, he's painted every American President from Nixon thru George W. Bush!
Presumably, when President Obama has a free afternoon (he's been rather busy with projects like disposing of Bin Laden.)...
Kinstler's Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan paintings are the official White House portraits for them!
Unlike many other "fine" artists who started out doing commercial art, Kinstler happily acknowledges his comic book work.

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