Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reading Room: SPACE DETECTIVE "Attack of the Wasp-Women"

Art by Gene Fawcette
Notorious serial killer Beast Man escapes from confinement.
Right after that, more killings occur, but commited by a group of skull-headed space pirates!
Tracking the space pirates, Avenger and Teena discover it's Beast Man, his aide, Vulcan Woman and their gang using x-ray devices in their spacesuit collars to hide their identities by making their skin invisible!
The criminals manage to escape, but the Space Detective is on their trail...
Be here
for the Space Detective's final case!
Though the writer and inker are unknown, the penciler of this kool 3-part tale from Avon's Space Detective #4 (1952) is Gene Fawcette.

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