Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Reading Room: BLAST-OFF! 3 Rocketeers "Lunar Goliaths"

On his 96th birthday, we see that Jack Kirby could produce astounding work on a daily basis...
...that other artists would take weeks to conceive and create!
This was literally a day's work (two if Kirby was doing full pencils) for the King.
Can you name any other artist who could do quality art like this, five to six days a week?
Intended for the never-published Race for the Moon #4 (1960), this Jack Kirby/Al Williamson collaboration finally saw print in Harvey's Blast-Off #1 (1965), long after Kirby, along with Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and others began the amazing resurrection of the almost-defunct Atlas Comics line into Marvel Comics!
Happy Birthday, Jack!
And thanks for the memories!

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