Friday, August 16, 2013

Reading Room: AMAZING ADVENTURES "Cosmic Brain"

Here's a cool tale about a nuclear energy-produced mutant...
...linked to the bombing of Hirsohima in 1945.
Look carefully at the artwork, because someone you might not realize apparently contributed to it...
The Grand Comics Database lists Leonard Starr as the artist for this tale from Ziff-Davis' Amazing Adventures #3 (1951).
But the "camera angles" and figures don't look like his work from the period. as seen HERE and HERE.
IMHO, the layouts were done by none other than Jack Kirby!
Everything fits Kirby's layout and figure-posing style and Starr was doing occasional work for the Simon & Kirby studio at the time.
Starr might have been unfamiliar with the genre and asked Kirby to do layouts to help him, paying Kirby in cash from his own pocket (If Kirby even took money for the work. I've heard he helped other artists out without renumeration on a number of occasions.)
Either way, I think this is another "lost" Kirby Klassic!

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