Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Reading Room: STRANGE WORLDS "Death on the Earth-Mars Run!"

Murder on a cruise ship is an old mystery story trope...
...but transposing the plot from an ocean liner to a space liner emphasized the "trapped with a killer" aspect!
This tale of murder and mayhem on the high seas in deep space appeared in Avon's Strange Worlds #8 (1952) and was rendered by Everett Raymond Kinstler, who eventually left pulps and comics for fine art (including several official portraits of US Presidents).
Unlike most pulp/comic artists who moved into fine art, Kinstler is happy to discuss and display his early work.
You'll note a lot of swipes of Flash Gordon art by Alex Raymond.
This wasn't unusual, since Raymond (along with Milton Caniff, Hal Foster, and Noel Sickles) were seminal inspirations for the first generation of comic book artists.
BTW, the writer of the tale is unknown.
When the story was reprinted in the back of Skywald's The Heap #1 (1971), the Comics Code forced a couple of odd changes...
Page 3 Panel 1
Making Santley's adopted daughter his stepdaughter and eliminating the "he signed for me" quote!
Page 5 Panel 1
Adding a "Space Police" sig to the note, emphasizing the "official" aspect of the order.

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