Monday, May 20, 2013

Reading Room: WEIRD TALES OF THE FUTURE "Day of Doom"

It's Monday, which many of us consider to be the... we begin another long week of work or school.
But we usually don't mean the phrase quite as literally as this apocalyptic tale which...well, read for yourself...
Talk about "everything but the kitchen sink"!
Us vs Commies!
Commies vs Aliens!
Aliens vs Us!
Evacuation of the Earth!
Destruction of the Moon!
Finally, to top it all...Atlantis Rising!
And all that in only seven pages!
This story from Key's Weird Tales of the Future #4 (1952) could, with a little updating, make a helluva feature film or TV mini-series!
While the writer is unknown, the artist was Tony Mortellaro, who did hundreds of tales in various genres for Key and Atlas/Marvel, (where he became Associate Art Director under John Romita in the 1970s).

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