Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reading Room: SPACE DETECTIVE "Sea Nymphs of Neptune"

...called in to investigate a series of thefts involving rare space pearls, the Space Detective and his aide board the space liner Star Arrow to protect a shipment of pearls.
They encounter Chameleon, a criminal using a theatrical troupe as cover for his pearl smuggling ring.
Though Avenger and Teena smash the ring, Chameleon escapes with Teena's pearl necklace...
Avenger vs Chamelon!
Nobody's been able to identify the writer or artist(s) of this opener of a kool 3-part tale from Avon's Space Detective #3 (1952).
Personally, I see elements of Wally Wood, Joe Orlando, and Joe Kubert in the art, but nothing definitive.

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