Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reading Room: FORBIDDEN WORLDS "Mysteries of the Unknown: Interplanetary Episode"

Here's a tale filled with irony...
...about a special man who held the fate of the world in his hands.
Note: there are some "politically-incorrect" references to mental illness, so it might be NSFW.
Appearing in ACG's Forbidden Worlds #86 (1960), this Richard Hughes-scripted and Ken Landau-illustrated tale was an oddly-modified re-presentation of a story originally-published in a pre-Comics Code issue of Adventures into the Unknown!
For one thing, most of the artwork changes restore the original Ken Landau artwork that was modified by Ogden Whitney in the AitU tale!
(The exception is the splash page which is changed from the original version (which had Landau's signature.)
Plus, an entire plot point, involving the dead dog, which was redrawn in the original story into a "mistaken identity" plotline by Whitney, is restored!
Check out our "brother" blog, Seduction of the Innocent™, tomorrow (Wednesday) for the first version of this tale that the Comics Code disapproved of!

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