Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reading Room: SPACE SQUADRON "Blast Revere: Ground the Eagle"

Long before he was Jet Dixon's crusty Commander-in-Chief, he was hotshot pilot...
...rocketing thru the Solar System in the 1970s!
(Yes, I said 1970s!)
While the writer for this never-reprinted tale from Atlas' Space Squadron #3 (1951) is unknown, the artist should be familiar to Speed Carter: SpaceMan fans...Joe Maneely, Speed's designer/co-creator and primary illustrator for the first half of his run!
Blast Revere ran in all six issues of Space Squadron. and it's one-issue "sequel", Space Worlds.
When Speed Carter: SpaceMan came along a couple of years later, series writer/co-creator Hank Chapman ignored everything done in Space Squadron, producing stories that often contradicted "future history" established in the earlier series.

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