Monday, February 18, 2013

Reading Room: CAPTAIN SCIENCE "Martian Slavers"

You'll note a different look to the adventures of...
That's because he's gained a new art team!
(You can see their names in the lower-left corner of the first panel!)
So, buckle up, eager young space cadets...
Wally Wood and Joe Orlando took over the art chores as of Youthful's Captain Science #4 (1951), and you can tell these guys were having the time of their lives, as they cut loose with some of the wildest art ever to grace sci-fi comic books.
They also changed the "linked-stories" concept from the first three issues, making the two-per-issue Captain Science stories stand-alones instead of two-parters.
Unlike the earlier Captain Science stories, which have never been reprinted, these Orlando/Wood stories have been re-published all over the place, but they're still well-worth seeing again!

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