Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reading Room: ATOM-AGE COMBAT "Science Assaults the Death Sphere"

Normally, we'd post an Atom-Age Combat story in our "brother" blog...
...War: Past, Present & Future™, but this tale is derived from a story we posted earlier this month, as seen HERE!
This is actually the third publication of this story!
The first one, shown HERE, was in Dynamic's Scoop Comics #1 (1941).
The second was a reprint in Dynamic's Dynamic Comics #11 (1944).
But this version, rewritten, relettered, and recolored, appeared in St John's Atom-Age Combat #2 (1952).
Publisher/comic book packager Harry Chester was an extremely-frugal man, able to squeeze every last penny out of anything he paid for, and such reuse of existing artwork wasn't unusual in the comics industry, where a packager could re-sell the same art to two (or more) publishers, and no one would be the wiser.
In fact, Chester could re-do the same story several times, as shown with a tale that used the same artwork with three seperate stories and characters HERE, HERE, and HERE!

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