Saturday, September 1, 2012

Did You Miss the "Summer of RetroBlogs™" Marathons?

From July 4th thru Labor Day, each RetroBlog™ did a 1-week daily posting...
Here's the listings..
July 9th-13th
True Love Comics Tales
presented a full-length Gothic romance, "Kiss of the Serpent" with evocative art by the late Tony DeZuniga.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Bonus: Gothic Romance Text Story!
July 16th-20th
War: Past, Present and Future
returned to the future...
July 23rd-27th
Crime and Punishment
chilled your blood on those record-hot summer nights...
...with the classic Sherlock Holmes novel (from Classics Illustrated, no less), The Hound of the Baskervilles!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
July 30th-August 3rd
Secret Sanctum of Captain Video
went to sunny Italy for two sword and sandal sagas...
...with manly art by John Buscema
Part 1
Part 2
...with muscular renderings by Reed Crandall and George Evans!
Part 1
Part 2
August 6th-10th
presented the never-reprinted, full-length, Jet Dream one-shot comic!
Part 1
 PLUS, the startling saga of a tale told three times with the same art, but featuring three different heroines!
 Tell a Tale Three Times: LADY SATAN in "Wild Night at Wild Acres"
Tell a Tale Three Times: Part 2 "Phantom of Marcos' Villa"
Tell a Tale Three Times: Part 3 "Ghost of Castle Karloff"
August 13-17th
Hero Histories
presented the complete, never-reprinted first issue of...
...the "NOW" biker hero co-created by Gary Friedrich (who also co-created the 1970s Ghost Rider for Marvel!)
Introducing the Hell-Rider
Introducing the Hell-Rider (Continued)
ButterFly Part 1
ButterFly Part 2
Introducing the Wild Bunch
Final Chapter
August 20th-24th
Seduction of the Innocent
freaked you out with pre-Code horror, most of it never-reprinted!
"Dinosaur in Grandfather's Barn"
"Absent-Minded Professor"
"Meet Me in the Tomb"
 "Gravestone for Gratis"
and finally...
August 27th-31st
Western Comics Adventures
featured a week of Masked Heroes, including a few we've never presented before!
BLACK BULL "Bullets at Salt Lick" (First Appearance)
PRESTO KID "Floating Renegade" (Final Appearance)
MASKED MARSHAL "Introducing the Masked Marshal" (First [and only] Appearance)
MASKED RANGER "Valley of Dead Men" (First Appearance)
ORIGINAL GHOST RIDER "He Who Laughs" (Final Appearance)
We hope you've enjoyed these tales as much as we enjoyed posting them!
Visit them!
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Friday, August 31, 2012

Alex Ross + Barack Obama = SuperHoodie!

Take super-star artist Alex Ross!
Add super-President Barack Obama!
Put the image on a wearable item!
What do you get?
Officially, it's called Obama: Time for a Change.
Out of print for awhile, it's available once more from Graphitti Designs in a variety of styles, including the coolest (and only) Presidential campaign black hoodie!
(Ya don't see Mitt Romney doing one of these, do you?)
Buy It! NOW!
'Nuff said.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reading Room: SPACE RANGERS "Invasion from the Moon"

Yesterday, the Moon was invaded by aliens from Saturn..., the Moon is used as a dumping ground for nuclear weapons, resulting in serious complications!
(Apparently, they never aired Space: 1999 in this universe!)
This tale from Charlton's Space Adventures #1 (1952) was illustrated by Frank Frollo. who followed Al Fago & Lou Morales' costume and character designs.
The writer is unknown.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reading Room: SPEED CARTER: SPACEMAN "Invasion of the Moon"

The Chinese Commies of space strike again... the Saturnians unleash another diabolical plot against Earth!
Let's overlook the fact that Earthmen are about to move in on Lunar natives the way settlers overran Native Americans in the Old West, and wonder how the Saturnians knew the PositPeople and NegaNatives (not to mention the Lunanimals) were even on the Moon, when humans (who presumably had explored the Lunar surface) had no idea anyone lived there!
Mike Sekowsky's redesign of everything in the Speed Carter universe apparently extended to existing aliens as well, since the Saturnian shown in this tale doesn't match their original appearance in this story, illustrated by Joe Maneely.
But at least the Saturnians in this story from Speed Carter: SpaceMan #4 (1953) act the way they did previously, no doubt attributable to the fact that the same writer, Hank Chapman wrote both tales!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

American Eagles (All Three of Them)!

Last week, we told the story of a hero called American Eagle...three times on three blogs!
...then at Hero Histories™, we introduced the Golden Age SuperHero...
...finally, the WWII Native American aviator created during the Silver Age in War: Past, Present & Future™!
It was a fun project, and you should keep an eye out on the RetroBlogs™ for another themed cross-posting...soon.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Land-Line repaired, and we're back with a new week of RetroBlogs™ fun!

The land-line is fixed and we're back to posting.
This week...
features a week of Masked Heroes, including a few we've never presented before!
But don't worry, the Original Ghost Rider will appear before the week is out!