Friday, December 14, 2012

Dinosaurs Under the Christmas Tree!

What kid doesn't love dinosaurs?
The idea of being a huge, unstoppable creature rampaging, devouring, and stepping on everything and everybody in your path has an undeniable appeal to little ones, who usually feel helpless in a world too big for them! (Why do you think Godzilla is still going strong after 50 years? And what about the success of the Jurassic Park trilogy?)
We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ are no different! (A look at the various plastic "giant" reptiles adorning our office will confirm that!)
And since we're just big kids ourselves, we created a whole Dinosaurs section in our sci-fi section The Future WAS Fantastic!™ with vintage images from classic comics AND movies!
What kid wouldn't want a dinosaur under the tree or in his/her stocking on Christmas morning?
Don't disappoint them! Give 'em something to ROAR about!
Once they ruled the planet!
Now they'll dominate your wardrobe!

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