Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reading Room: CAPTAIN SCIENCE "Tracking the Flying Saucers"

A dying alien gives an human without fear the ability to defend Earth...
...nope, it ain't the Silver Age Green Lantern!
It's Captain Science!
Appearing full-blown in the first issue of his own title in 1950, Captain Science was a bold attempt at a Captain Video-type comics hero, one more dependent on brains and technology than brawn.
Unlike Captain Video, who created advanced technology simply because he was really smart,  Gordon Dane was shown to be smart and had the advantage of possessing alien knowledge he could use in adapting and improving present-day tech to serve new uses as the situation required.
Visually, the art on his never-reprinted premiere appearance by Gustav Schrotter is adequate, but hardly distinctive.
We'll be presenting the complete Captain Science series over the next couple of months.
Watch for it.

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