Wednesday, November 7, 2012


After one of the most divisive Presidental campaigns in history...
 It's time to look at the man whom most believe was the Greatest President of All!
Note: For the politically-correct, this all-ages story may be NSFW, due to it's referring to slaves as "Negro" rather than "Black" or "African-American".
When the story was produced in 1958, the politically-correct term was, in fact, "Negro".
This section of Dell's never-reprinted one-shot Abraham Lincoln: Life Story (1958) was written by Gaylord DuBois, penciled by John Buscema, and inked by Alberto Giolitti.
Buscema would pencil the remainder of this chapter about Lincoln's boyhood, then Giolitti would assume both pencil and ink tasks for most of the remainder of the book, up until the final few pages detailing Lincoln's assassination, which Buscema penciled.
Note: the story is over 80 pages, so it's going to run through next Friday.
But it's a story worth telling, especially with a new Steven Spielberg-directed feature film starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Honest Abe, so I'm going ahead and I hope you'll join me.

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