Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reading Room: WEIRD TALES OF THE FUTURE "Escape to Death"

Yeah, you read that correctly.
"To", not "From".
Don't worry, this s-o-b deserves what he gets in the end...
It's a kool story with superb Basil Wolverton story and art.
But, there's one problem...the coloring.
Basil went to the trouble of doing a number of different alien races, but they're all colored the same shade of green!
(There is one panel with the various aliens colored differently, but even there, the coloring is not consistent.
Members of the same species are colored dseveral different ways!)
I hope that, when this tale from Key's Weird Tales of the Future #2 was reprinted in Eclipse's Mr Monster's Super-Duper Special #8 in 1987, it was recolored to play up the various species' differences.

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