Monday, October 29, 2012

Reading Room: SUPERSNIPE "Haunted Money" Part 1

How do fanboys celebrate Halloween?
By getting into costume and battling crime and evildoers, whether human or incorporeal!
So, they're not specters, but sleazeballs!
How will our currently-unconscious hero overcome these foul fiends?
Be here tomorrow for the awe-inspiring answer...
Same Snipe-time!
Same Snipe-blog!
Herlock Domes was another supporting character (like Gramps and Ulysses Q Wacky) who had his own backup strip in SuperSnipe Comics.
The characters crossed-over frequently with each other and popped into SuperSnipe's strip creating a fairly cohesive and consistent "universe" much like Marvel Comics did a couple of decades later (but on a smaller scale, natch).
Story and art for this tale from SuperSnipe Comics V4N12 (1949) by the highly-underrated George Marcoux, who did all the "SuperSnipe Universe" strips.

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