Friday, October 19, 2012

Classic War of the Worlds Movie Posters

Because Halloween makes me think of War of the Worlds, here's a link to a batch of 6 limited-edition posters from the first (and best) movie version of HG Wells' novel.

Photographed from the original posters (not from second-generation repros, tiny pix in books or low-rez internet files), the art has been lovingly-restored and digitally-remastered.
And, best of all, every one of the posters features those really-kool Martian war machines!
And there's even a couple of foreign versions...

Enjoy! ;-)


  1. Very nice, especially the first one with the lovely color combinations. I prefer this version too, though I will give the newer one credit in the early parts of the story. It loses its way, but begins with some great tension when we're trying to get a good look at those machines.

    Rip Off

  2. I was delirious with joy to finally see tripods on screen in the remake.
    But, as you said, the second half lets you down,even if it hews closer to the original novel with Tim Robbins as a composite of the Preacher and Artilleryman.
    The cameo of Gene Barry and Ann Robinson as the grandparents at the end sorta makes up for it. ;-)
    BTW, I have an original of the second poster on my ManCave wall.
    It's the British release poster.


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