Sunday, September 9, 2012

NY Times gets sloppy with their graphics

When I picked up the Sunday NY Times this morning...
...I was disappointed that the opening page of the Travel section didn't look like the version seen here on their website.
Instead, the print version looked like there was no Black ink at all in the illustration!
No contrast in the darker areas, and the blue lettering all but merged into the background!
Pick up a copy to see for yourself.
(I took a digital picture of the front page to show for comparison, but any attempt to color-correct for the true value of the newsprint itself actually improved the image beyond the printed version!)
That sort of thing tends to occur when "webheads" (as I call web-only designers) fail to even do a simple color proof to check how their "optimized for web" RGB images will look as CMYK printed pieces.
It's the sort of sloppiness that's becoming way too common these days.
I e-mailed the NY Times with my concerns, and am awaiting a response.

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