Saturday, September 15, 2012

LIFE Magazine's Flawed James Bond 50th Anniversary Special

LIFE Magazine has produced a 50th Anniversary special on 007...
..which I eagerly picked up.
I was severely disappointed with it on two counts.
1) Most of the pix are not from LIFE's amazing archives!
2) It's riddled with factual flaws.
Here's the most obvious...
page 51 "For some reason, in You Only Live Twice, James Bond did not pilot any kind of vehicle--first time ever."
I guess that's not James Bond in the cockpit of that mini-copter...on the POSTER?
Sure as hell looks like Sean Connery (aka James Bond: 007) to me!
That's the most obvious mistake!
I've found several other mistakes (and a number of omissions), and that's just a cursory run-through!
Sloppy work, kids.

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