Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reading Room: PUSSYCAT "Cool & Carefree Capers of a Curvy, Cuddly Chick!"

We showed you HERE how Phantom Lady handled terrorists at the 1948 Olympics..., as the real Olympic Games wind down, look at how Agent PussyCat dealt with danger in a similar situation 20 years later (and 44 years ago)!
This tale originally appeared in Male Annual #5 (1967), but this is from the one-shot PussyCat (1968) that reprinted her stories from the various "laddy" magazines published by Martin Goodman, who also owned Marvel Comics at the time.
The writer is officially-unknown, but the scripter is probably Stan Lee or Larry Lieber, and the artist is pretty clearly good-girl legend Bill Ward with inking by Bill Everett.

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