Saturday, August 18, 2012

13 Ghosts and Illusion-O!

The 1960 William Castle movie 13 Ghosts used red/blue 3-D style glasses, but not for 3-D!
While most of the movie was black and white, certain sequences had red and blue tinting.
To see the ghosts, you looked thru the red "lens".
To not see the specters, you looked thru the blue "lens".
For years, you could only see the totally-b/w version on tv (including TCM), and the VHS release was b/w only.
When they finally issued a DVD edition, the initial one included the version with the color Illusion-O segments and red/blue viewers based on the ones given out in theatres.
Unfortunately, the "first edition" of the DVD was the only one to have both the Illusion-O version of the movie or the viewers!
The much-more available later pressings/editions are only b/w!
I finally found a copy of the original DVD release (with viewer) for only $4.99 in a used-DVD bin in a local music shop (we used to call them "record shops"), and spent the afternoon getting a real kick out of watching it!
It's an entertaining film, but it's better with Illusion-O!  ;-)

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