Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reading Room: EXPLORERS IN THE UNKNOWN "Hostile Asteroid"

In the 1960s, we were about to reach the Moon... the idea that we would first explore the Solar System, then nearby stellar systems, within a few decades wasn't unreasonable.
We developed a new metal alloy, Zakanite, just to use it on ID tags and insignia?
There's not a nut or bolt on the ship made from it..or even the crewmens' ID tags and insignia?
And you wonder why Congress cut NASA's budget in the mid-1970s!
We do learn there's only three officers (including the ship's commander) in the ship's complement.
Because there's only four pages in each story, there's no character development between them.
This odd tale from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #8 (1966) was written by Dick Wood (who wrote the entire series) and illustrated by Nevio Zaccara (who remained the strip's artist until the final chapter).

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