Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reading Room: "COMICS" McCORMICK "Captain Catapult"

Each issue our hero encounters characters from a different comic strip/book genre!
This time, he aids a super-hero in the Superman / Captain Marvel mold.
The main difference between this strip and it's primary rival, SuperSnipe, is that "Comics" daydreams about interacting with comic characters, but SuperSnipe actually tries to do heroic deeds like capturing spies or rescuing kittens, but invariably screws up and ends up being grounded (or worse).
This story from Holyoke's Terrific Comics #4 (1944) is written and illustrated by Ed Wheelan.
The final blurb mentioning "Suspence" Comics is totally-inaccurate.
While Holyoke did publish Suspense Comics (note the spelling), "Comics" never appeared in that title, only in Terrific Comics.
When Wheelan moved over to EC Comics in 1947 (before they did horror and sci-fi titles), he was given his own book, Fat & Slat, where he carried over several older strips, including "Comics" McCormick.
Fat & Slat only lasted four issues before being retitled Gunfighter and made into a Western comic.
#4 marked "Comics" McCormick's only cover appearance in his too-short existence.
Wheelan did over 300 stories during his career from 1938-1949, almost all of them as both writer and artist.

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