Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reading Room: SPEED CARTER: SPACEMAN "Who Stole the Sun?"

When it's hot outside, sit in a room with air conditioning and read about...
...in this hot tale from Speed Carter: SpaceMan #2 (1953)!
"Giant Gravity Magnet" that looks like a big horseshoe magnet?
And, if you destroy the magnet which was towing the Sun (without at least turning it around to head back where it came from), the Sun will continue, unabated, in whatever direction it was going!
With all due respect, Hank and Joe, this was not your finest hour.
The series continues to play up the Saturnians as the future equivalent of the Chinese Communists of the 1950s
Written (as are all the Speed Carter stories) by Hank Chapman and illustrated by Joe Maneely.

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