Monday, June 11, 2012

Reading Room: JOE WORKER & THE STORY OF LABOR Conclusion

With union-busting becoming bigger than ever, we should take a look at the past... avoid it becoming our future!
NOTE: contains scenes of racism and religious/ethnic oppression in a historical context.
May be considered NSFW today, but this comic was distributed to schoolchildren in 1948.
With both corporations and local (state and city) governments trying to destroy the gains made for union members over the past hundred years (as shown in Wisconsin), it pays to see what was done before, and how history is on the verge of repeating itself.

Written by Malcom Atler under the pseudonym "Nat Schacnner", illustrated by Jack Alderman.
You'll note that each page is a self-contained tale.
They were originally prepared and formatted as half or full-page b/w comic strips to run in union newspapers/newsletters, then recompiled (with color added) for this comic book.

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