Friday, June 8, 2012

Read the Sequel to Ridley Scott's Prometheus...

At Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™, we're presenting the original, 1979 version of the classic movie adaptation graphic novel by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson.
Yes, there were comic books and magazines adapted from movies and tv shows (and you've seen a lot of them on Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™), but this was a trade paperback of all-new material based on a movie!
Officially called Heavy Metal presents ALIEN: the Illustrated Story, it was a major hit for the infant Heavy Metal publishing group spun off from National Lampoon.

Now's the time to look back at Ridley Scott's classic that spawned a franchise including four other films (including Prometheus), two crossover films, numerous books, comic books, and toys.

There's a new edition of this long-out-of-print graphic novel, scanned and mastered directly from the original art still in Walt Simonson's possession, out now!
You can order it from Amazon in either Deluxe HardCover or Trade Paperback format.

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