Thursday, June 21, 2012

Listings for the Summer of RetroBlogs™...

From July 4th thru Labor Day, each RetroBlog™ will do a 1-week daily posting...
Here's the schedule..
July 9th-13th
True Love Comics Tales™ presents a full-length Gothic romance, "Kiss of the Serpent"...
...with evocative art by the late Tony DeZuniga. 

July 16th-20th
War: Past, Present and Future™ returns to the future...
...with tales of Atomic War and World War III!

July 23rd-27th
Crime and Punishment™ chills your blood on those hot summer nights...
...with the Sherlock Holmes classic novel (from Classics Illustrated, no less), The Hound of the Baskervilles!

July 30th-August 3rd
Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™ goes to sunny Italy for two sword and sandal sagas...
...with manly art by John Buscema, and
...with muscular renderings by Reed Crandall and George Evans!

August 6th-10th
Hero Histories™ presents the complete, never-reprinted saga of...
...the "NOW" biker hero co-created by Gary Friedrich (who also co-created the 1970s Ghost Rider for Marvel!)

August 13-17th
Heroines™ presents the never-reprinted, full-length, Jet Dream one-shot comic!
PLUS, the first (and only) appearance of the Silver Age Tiger Girl!

August 20th-24th
Seduction of the Innocent™ will freak you out with pre-Code horror, most of it never-reprinted!

August 27th-31st
Western Comics Adventures™ features a week of Masked Heroes, including a few brand new ones we've never presented before!

Watch for them!
Visit them!
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