Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reading Room: "COMICS" McCORMICK "He Daydreams Adventure"

If you're reading this blog, you're probably a fanboy or fangirl...
...so, I'm sure you'll appreciate this guy, who, along with competitor SuperSnipe, was considered the "World's #1 Comic Book Fan"!
This never-reprinted debut tale from Holyoke's Terrific Comics #2 (1944) was written and illustrated by Ed Wheelan, one of the most influential creators of the period who is, sadly, nearly-forgotten today.
There's a basic bio about him HERE, but he's really deserving of as much attention as other greats like Will Eisner and Jack Kirby.

"'Comics' McCormick" ran for the remainder of Terrific Comics' existence, then popped into Cat-Man Comics for an issue, along with several other orphaned Terrific Comics series.
When Holyoke went out of business, Wheelan took the character over to EC Comics where he appeared in all four issues of Fat & Slat, which featured only Wheelan's work, and shares, with Moon Girl, the sad distinction of being one of the few EC Comics series that's never been reprinted!

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