Saturday, April 14, 2012

YouTube Wednesday on Saturday: TItanic on the TIME TUNNEL!

The pilot episode of the short-lived Time Tunnel (1966) featured...The Titanic!
 ...with guest star Michael Rennie (Klatuu in the original Day the Earth Stood Still) as Captain Edward Smith!
 There's lots of Titanic miniature footage but there's debate as to whether it's from 20th Century Fox's Titanic (1953) or Rank's A Night to Remember (1958)

The Time Tunnel - IFILM Exclusive: The Titanic: Rendezvous with Yesterday
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Rennie had performed the previous year on another Irwin Allen series, Lost in Space, in the series' only two-parter "The Keeper", as the title character!
It's two of the best episodes during the show's first season, before it went to color and became the "Will & Dr Smith & Robot" show!
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