Friday, April 20, 2012

Reading Room: SPACE ACE "Desert Devils"

We jump forward three years in real time and centuries in fictional time... bring you the totally-different, all-new (at the time) Space Ace!
Compare this with the previous version of Space Ace, and you'll really see the differences!
And people bitch about Marvel and DC's now-constant rebooting of their characters!
It's been going on since comics began, just not on such a large scale!
After the last Space Ace strip in Manhunt #7 (1947), the name was revived for a new strip appearing in a new sci-fi themed title...Jet #1 (1950), with few elements (like the Mars colony setting) retained, but moved several centuries further into the future, and with a new, freelance crimefighter instead of a policeman with sidekick.
And, you'll note the almost-medieval clothing and armor most of the colonists now wear and buildings that look like stone castles, as opposed to the high-tech garb and structures in the previous tale!
They also decided to  play up the fact that humans would be almost super-human under Mars' lower gravity, resulting in some very Superman-esqe panels!
Speaking of Superman, the extremely-Wayne Boring-style art is by little-known artist Lawrence Woromay, whose comics career spanned the 1950s and 1960s and various genres including sci-fi, war and horror.
But this version of Space Ace wouldn't even last as long as his predecessor!
His next (and last) appearance will be presented Monday.

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