Monday, April 9, 2012

Mike Wallace (1918-2012) & The Green Hornet

Did you know 60 Minutes' Mike Wallace began on radio as the announcer for...
In 1941, a young announcer named Myron Wallace was working on a number of programs at WXYZ in Detroit, including handling narration on several live shows including The Green Hornet, as heard in this episode "Murder Across the Boards" from 7/5/41. (click HERE or the title to open and listen to the complete episode!)
Oddly, while the actors aren't identified on-air, the announcer (Wallace) is!
BTW, though it's believed Wallace also did occasional announcing duties on the Hornet's grand-uncle's show, The Lone Ranger, he never did!
Did Britt Reid's thrilling exploits inspire Mike Wallace to become a hard-hitting reporter?
The answers are in the ether...

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