Wednesday, March 28, 2012

YouTube Wednesday: THE SPIRIT (1987)

Considering it's cinematic style, it's remarkable there wasn't a Spirit movie or tv series before 1987!
Starring Sam (Flash Gordon) Jones as Denny Colt/The Spirit and Nana (Col. Kira Nerys) Visitor as Ellen Dolan, it's an interesting take on Will Eisner's classic character, updated to the then-present, and putting the hero in a neon-blue suit instead of the black ensemble from the awful Frank Miller film!
Best of all is the new artwork done by Eisner for the credits sequence!
It's not a perfect flick by any stretch, very tongue-in-cheek and just short of "camp", but I enjoyed it more then the Miller flick.
Bumper Robinson, who played Eubie, has performed voices for numerous animated characters including Cyborg in the current Justice League: Doom, Rhodey in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Rhodey/War Machine in Marvel Super Hero Squad [VG], Black Lightning in Batman: Brave and Bold [tv show & videogame], Bumblebee in the current Transformers animated series, Dwight Conrad in FuturamaStar Boy in Legion of Super Heroes, Carter in the 1990s' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Philo in Flintstone Kids.
The executive producer is William Beaudine, Jr, son of b-movie/tv director William ("One Take") Beaudine who handled, among others, the Bowery Boys, Lassie, and The Green Hornet tv series!

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  1. I haven't had time to watch it all yet, but the sequences I did take a quick look at I really like. This is a better movie than it's reputation suggests and I think Sam Jones looks the part very nicely. Ellen Dolan is a bit of a problem and the settings are a bit off note, but the tone of the sequence in the cemetery is excellent.

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