Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reading Room: JOHN CARTER "Death has Three Heads"

The John Carter movie is in theaters now... we're presenting the never-reprinted "Secret Diaries" mini-series that ran in DC Comics' Tarzan Family in 1976!
The adventure concludes...tomorrow!
Of course, it goes without saying that since these are the "secret diaries" of John Carter, that he must have survived in order to write them...
This all-new tale from Tarzan Family #63 (1976) was written by Bob Kanigher, penciled by Noly Zamora and inked by Vic Catan.
As we mentioned earlier, this series has never been reprinted since it's publication in 1976, even in the recent Dark Horse trade paperback that presented all the other John Carter stories that appeared in Tarzan and Weird Worlds!
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