Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reading Room: GULLIVAR JONES "Long Road to Nowhere"

The John Carter movie is only a week away (March 9th)...
Art by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia
Meanwhile, we're continuing the adventures of his swashbuckling predecessor on Mars, Gullivar Jones, as we present, from Creatures on the Loose #19 (1972), the fourth chapter of the short-lived, never-reprinted, comic adaptation...
To be continued HERE!
The artist round-robin continues as long-time Superman artist Wayne Boring steps in for an issue, inked by long-time Supergirl artist Jim Mooney!
At this time, Boring also did the first three issues (#22-24) of the 1972 revival of Captain Marvel.
George Alec Effinger goes solo on the scripting and continues to the end of the series in Creatures on the Loose #21.
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