Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flash Gordon #8 Cover Preview

There's no Flash Gordon like a "classic" Flash Gordon.
Have you noticed that all the attempts to "update" the character modify him so much as to be unrecognizable?
(Remember the Smallville-ized Sci-Fi, er, SyFy version? YUK!)
Thankfully, Dynamite's current series goes back to the basics, combining the best of Alex Raymond's (and successor Mac Raboy's) original strips with the movie serials, 1980 feature film, Filmation tv series, and Al Williamson's contributions in the '60s and '80s, to make a kool pastiche almost on the level of the Dini-Timm-McDuffie DC Animated universe.
Top it off with superb covers like this one for #8 by Francesco Francavilla, and it's a must-have package for high-adventure fans of all ages.
Sadly, this is Francisco's final Flash for the foreseeable future. (Say that five times fast!)
But, considering he's doing covers for The Shadow, The Spider, and other classic genre characters, I think I'll still be getting a hefty dose of Francavilla art every month!
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