Friday, February 24, 2012

Reading Room: GULLIVAR JONES "River of the Dead"

The John Carter movie is only a week away (March 9th)...
Art by Gil Kane and unknown inker
Meanwhile, we're continuing the adventures of his swashbuckling predecessor on Mars, Gullivar Jones, as we present the second, never-reprinted chapter of the short-lived comic adaptation from Creatures on the Loose #17 (1972)...
To be continued...HERE!
You'll note that Sam Grainger has replaced Bill Everett as the inker.
Unfortunately, Everett's health was declining and he had to cut back on the volume of work he was doing, preferring to devote what time he had to working on his greatest creation, Prince Namor: the Sub-Mariner.
He passed away a little over a year later.
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  1. I love these. I think they are among the very best things Gil Kane did for Marvel. His pages are designed with such a magnificent flow of rhythm and movement that they eye never stops following the action. Sam Grainger is a great replacement for Everett if one had to be had. This is a wonky and fun story.


    Rip Off


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