Friday, February 10, 2012

3-D: WHACK! "3-D-t's" Part 2

We began 3-D Week with the 3-D-t's and we end the week with them...
...but only two months after WHACK! #1 came out, things for the 3-D comic industry have not gone well at all!
How close was this story to the truth about the collapse of the 3-D comics phemonenon?
Read this page on 3-D comics expert Ray Zone's site, then decide for yourself.
Remember, in the comic story, the names have been changed to protect the guilty!
Reversing roles from the previous 3-D-t's story, Joe Kubert penciled and Norman Maurer inked this story.
Who wrote it is unknown, but it could be either or both of them.

They also satirized those impressionable youngsters who wanted to do 3-D comics...
Wonder how many kids actually sent in a dollar...
We hope you've enjoyed 3-D Week.
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