Saturday, February 11, 2012

3-D BONUS: Blinkeys!

The 1960 William Castle movie 13 Ghosts used red/blue 3-D style glasses, but not for 3-D!
While most of the movie was black and white, certain sequences had red and blue tinting.
To see the ghosts, you looked thru the red "lens".
To not see the specters, you looked thru the blue "lens".
But, years earlier, in 1953, Harvey Comics' 3-D comic books offered a similar idea in a series of one-page fillers most of which have never been reprinted...
(Yes, you need those 3-D glasses to read them properly!)
Adventures in 3-D #1. Art by Howard Nostrand
Adventures in 3-D #2. Art by Bob Powell
True 3-D #1. Art by Bob Powell
True 3-D #2. Art by Bob Powell
Hope you enjoyed 3-D Week (and didn't develop eyestrain)!

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